How To Think Positive Thoughts About Yourself

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Opposites attract. Yes, we have heard it way too many times and most of us believe in this tenet. It is no denying the fact that this may be the case most of the times.

But when it comes to our lifeforce, it functions on similarities. So, you attract everything that you truly are. You will attract whatever is similar to your nature.

This, in turn, means that if you learn how to be positive, then you will attract positivity from all around you. And, in a similar way, if you harbor negative thoughts, you will attract negativity.

This is a sort of way in which the old proverb ‘You reap what you sow’ works. Research shows that if you have a positive mind, you will have good mental and physical health. And this makes you capable of getting what you want by making it actually happen.

While this might seem easier said than done with all the negativity around you, we will tell you easy ways with which you can have positive thoughts about yourself:

  1. Emanate positivity

What you give, you get back from the universe. So, if you give negativity, you will receive the same. Try feeling positive whenever you can. We know what you are going to say.

But isn’t that something you are here for? Yes, it is easier said than done but you can try nevertheless. See, all you have to do is try and feel happy for yourself.

Do all the things that you know for sure, will make you happy.

For instance, eating something you really like, listening to your all-time favorite soundtracks, wearing your best outfit, reading a poem that you have loved all along, shopping a little for yourself, watching a movie, it can be anything that you really like doing.

Doing these will create a rush of positive energy within you and you will be emanating positivity. Remember, the universe reads these signs and acts accordingly. So, make one small change and you will be rewarded with a hundred.

  1. Examine your subconscious

With most people, the reason they cannot harness their positive energy towards something productive is that they keep a lot of things crammed up inside. A lot of our past might be ugly and painful but the thing is, we have left them behind. Now, we maintain a distance from those experiences but we often easily forget this and keep pondering about them.

What happens in the process is that we weigh ourselves down with all the heavy negativity from the past, which occupies a lot of the space in our heads and restricts us from our growth. So, what can be done? Letting go is the key, my friend. We know that a lot of things are not fair at all, but think about all the things that have been unexpectedly good for you.

Letting go is not for the people or the circumstances that have made you feel low. Letting go is for you. Once you let go of or forgive someone, you will see what we are talking about here.

That past thought just stops existing in your daily life and you make space for positivity. You let the universe know that you have let go of something and the universe does the same.

  1. Be thankful

From now on, whenever you are having those moments of frustration when you feel nothing works out for you, and life has been unfair, do a little exercise.

No, it does not mean you have to actually move your arms and legs and exhaust yourself. All it requires is for you to make a mental note of things. So, if you find yourself unable to fall asleep at night worrying about all the things that have gone wrong, think about the things that have gone right.

An easy way to do this is to fix a number, say 10, and then see all the 10 things that have gone right that very day. It can be anything like getting your coffee right in the morning without too much sugar, your favorite tracks being played on the radio, looking good to the office, seeing a short queue at the grocery store, getting a call from a distant friend, etc.

And when you have reached your target, which is 10 in this case, you will see that you feel much better. Often, in this fast life of ours, we forget to acknowledge the little things we have.

We want more and more, which is so typical of humans. What we do not realize is that being ungrateful for the things that we have, makes it difficult for the universe to give us newer things. We give out ungrateful vibes. So just be thankful for that life you are leading.

  1. Think about your strengths

All of us have some strengths in life. We might not acknowledge it often, we might undermine our talents, we might be made to feel useless by a lot of people. But the truth remains that all of us have been gifted in one way or the other. The only thing that remains is to recognize this gift and to hone it. The universe will realize your effort and reward you.

Make a proper list of all that you think is good in you, all the talents you have, that make you extraordinary, or any past achievements. And this list does not have to be fixed.

You can keep editing it whenever you feel like, according to the current state of your mind. Add to the lost every day. You can write about a poem you wrote today or someone that you helped, etc. Doing this will get your closer to your goal and help you stay confident.

  1. Concentrate on talking to yourself

Out of all the conversations that we have, the most important ones are the one that we have with our own selves. The conversations can happen loudly or in our head, they can be about the most mundane things or even very serious things in our lives, they can basically be anything.

You must be thinking that we do have talks with ourselves daily whenever we take a decision, think about something that has happened, etc. But not many of us do it consciously and we even do not find enough time to do it.

Talk to yourself about how you feel internally, what you would like to do, what would make you feel better, etc. If you feel low about something, the first person who should identify the problem if your own self, so that you know what decision to make.

After all this sort of pep talk, you might be feeling better at the present and also quite pumped up. However, hold that thought and just keep the fact in mind that you need to do all of this yourself. No one will really help you through this.

Harnessing the power of the law of attraction is a very internal process and the sooner you understand this, the faster your growth will be. The moment you internalize all of what we have discussed above, you will see immediate changes. Especially if you apply Destiny Tuning.

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